red oakRed oak hardwood flooring provides a warm touch of tradition to any room.  Oak has been the most popular variety of hardwood flooring for many, many years in North America. Over 50% of all the hardwood flooring available today is an oak species.

Oak flooring comes in two varieties: white and red.

Red oak flooring has a warm, pinkish hue with prominent grain lines. Like white oak flooring, it can be finished with a clear sealant or stained to nearly any shade. Because red oak is so porous, the stain will go on smoothly and easily for a nice, even color.

When selecting red oak hardwood flooring, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of widths and grades. Everything from wide planks to narrow strips, consistent graining to visible imperfections … the countless styles of red oak flooring can be a bit overwhelming, but our design associates will look at many other factors to give you their final product recommendations.

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Photo Credit: Frank Anusewicz