prefinished hardwood flooring ChandlerIf you like the idea of hardwood flooring in your Chandler home, but you have some misgivings about using a material that requires so much time and work to install, you might want to consider prefinished hardwood.

Read on for some fast facts about prefinished hardwood, brought to you by the experts at Floor Coverings International Chandler-Gilbert.

What is Prefinished Hardwood Flooring?prefinished hardwood flooring planks Chandler

In order to understand what prefinished hardwood flooring is, you need to understand a little bit about how hardwood is finished. Traditionally, rough, unfinished hardwood planks would be installed in a house and then they would be sanded and coated with a protective stain. However, thanks to production advancements, many hardwood distributors now offer “factory finished” (also known as “site-finished”) planks that have been sanded and stained before they arrive at your home.

Advantages of Prefinished Hardwood

Prefinished hardwood tends to be more stable, more uniform, and generally more durable thanks to the extremely controlled conditions of its factory production.

Prefinished hardwood also takes less time to install once it arrives at your house, since the planks need only be assembled. You won’t need to leave your house for days on end or worry about toxic fumes as your floor is stained. Once the planks are in place, you can move your furniture right back in and start walking around on your new floors the same day.

And don’t forget that just like unfinished hardwood, prefinished hardwood planks can always be sanded and refinished. Cared for properly, your floors can last for decades.

Other Considerationsunfinished hardwood flooring Chandler

While prefinished hardwood floors are hugely advantageous for some situations, every home requires something different. One situation in which you might not choose prefinished hardwood is if you want more control over the design process. Unfinished hardwood will give you greater control over matching stains to existing wood features in the house. You should also choose unfinished hardwood if you plan on working with an exotic wood species, which may not be available in prefinished planks.

Get Started Today

Remember that whether you choose prefinished or unfinished hardwood flooring, the pros at Floor Coverings International Chandler-Gilbert will make installation a breeze. All you have to do is decide what your design goals and budget are – and if you need some help, you can always schedule a free, in-home visit from our mobile showroom. Our team is proud to serve the greater Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Tempe, Mesa, Maricopa area, so contact us to schedule your consultation today!

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