Plush carpet in GilbertIf a cozy, soft carpet is your number one choice for flooring, you’ll certainly want to consider plush carpet for your Gilbert home. Plush is, as the name suggests, a particularly soft and cushioned carpet style. Read on to learn about the unique qualities of plush carpet from the team at Floor Coverings International Chandler-Gilbert.

What Make Carpet Plush in Nature?

Plush carpeting is cut in an even manner to create a smooth, soft, luxurious feel. Consequently, due to its beauty and opulent appearance, it’s one of the most popular carpeting choices today.

Benefits of Choosing Plush

As mentioned above, plush carpeting is comfortable and luxurious to walk on. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for game rooms, family rooms, dens, bedrooms, or any room where a homey feel is important. It is also a great flooring choice if you like to lounge or sit on your floor, like if you have small children who are down on the floor playing regularly. Plush carpeting also helps cut down on noise and creates a warm atmosphere in the home.

Drawbacks of Choosing Plush

One of the main disadvantages of plush carpeting is the fact that it will show vacuum marks, footprints, and it tends to wear in high traffic areas quicker than other carpet choices. It also isn’t the best when it comes to hiding stains and dirt. Any dirt or grime left in the carpet will wear it down and can even discolor it over time. Therefore, many experts recommend regular cleanings of plush carpet and vacuuming it at least twice a week in areas with lots of foot traffic. In addition, spills should not be left to set in and should be cleaned up as soon as possible. Due to the fact that high traffic areas tend to get pushed down overtime, choosing plush for a business might not be the best option.

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