Jute carpet in GilbertFans of natural fiber carpets can choose beautiful fibers like silk, sisal, seagrass, wool, cotton, and jute. Among these natural carpets, jute is known for its unique texture, comfort, and low-key maintenance. If you’ve been looking to upgrade or install a new carpet in your Gilbert home, then jute may be the right material for you. Read on to learn more about jute carpet from the team at Floor Coverings International Chandler-Gilbert:

Advantages of Jute Carpet

  • Natural look: Jute is made of dried plant fibers. Since it’s all-natural, it’s best appreciated in its original tan color. However, you can also opt for different colors and patterns depending on the look you want.
  • Durable: Jute is just as durable as flax or hemp fiber, so it can make a great wall-to-wall carpet or an excellent area rug.
  • Low-Maintenance: Jute fibers are easy to clean with just some regular vacuuming with a brush tool.
  • Comfortable: Jute is thicker than other natural carpets, which makes this fiber particularly cozy. Jute can even be combined with chenille to make it softer.

Drawbacks of Jute Carpet

  • Prone to water damage: Just like other natural fibers, jute absorbs water easily, making it more likely to develop mold or mildew. This means that it’s not a good carpet for basements, bathrooms, or any other place that can take on water.
  • Can’t be steam cleaned: While many other materials can benefit from a steam clean when they get dirty, jute fibers can’t be cleaned in this manner because of their susceptibility to moisture.
  • No spot cleaning: Jute’s natural fibers can easily be bleached or stained by over-the-counter spot cleaners. You’ll want to keep your jute carpet in a dry space where it’s unlikely to encounter spills.
  • Sensitive to sunlight: Keep this carpet in an evenly-lit room (or rotate it periodically) so that the sun won’t discolor it unevenly over time.

To find out more about jute carpeting and to see if it’s right for your Gilbert home or business, contact us. Floor Coverings International Chandler-Gilbert offers free in-home consultations to make it easy to shop for new flooring!

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