Frieze carpet in AhwatukeeThough frieze is still a newcomer in the world of carpets, our Floor Coverings International Chandler-Gilbert experts will tell you that it offers many advantages and benefits for the home. Frieze carpeting can be best described as a less dramatic version of shag carpet. It is characterized by an uneven cut pile and twisted fibers, which give it a casual, fun, and textured look. Overall, frieze carpeting can make rooms in your Ahwatukee home look more comfortable and inviting.

Characteristics & Benefits

Frieze carpeting is made of twisted fibers that are cut in non-uniform lengths, giving it the feel a shag carpet with a thicker, more textured look. This carpet holds its shape well because the twisted fibers allow the carpet to return to its original shape quickly. This means that frieze is perfect for high-traffic areas like family rooms since footprints won’t leave obvious indentations.

Frieze carpets are also warm and comfortable like their plush carpet cousins. Their dense weaves make them great insulators, so they’re great for cool mornings and providing a soft surface for casual relaxation. Frieze carpet is also plush enough to insulate sounds in large rooms.

Care & Upkeep

This kind of carpet is easy to clean and maintain because it’s conceals dirt and stains. Also, since the piles are cut unevenly, footprints and vacuum marks are not as obvious as that of other plush carpets. In fact, the ease of maintenance, which simply involves regular vacuuming and cleaning up spills and food, is a major point of attraction for homeowners.

Explore Frieze Carpeting

Low maintenance, gorgeous, comfortable, and durable— frieze carpeting is a great choice for your Ahwatukee home. To learn more, call and schedule a free in-home consultation with our Floor Coverings International Chandler-Gilbert experts. We’ll help you choose the perfect carpet style for your needs!

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