Area rugs are increasing in popularity in Gilbert, and it is clear why. Installing an area rug can make both practical and visual improvements to any living area, and they are a great way to introduce a sense of comfort and warmth.

Here at Floor Coverings International Chandler-Gilbert, we answered some of the frequently asked questions about area rugs.

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Where Should I Use Area Rugs?

Any room that has hardwood, tile, stone, laminate or vinyl floors – basically anything that isn’t carpet – is a tremendous opportunity to introduce an area rug. Bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas and even outdoor spaces are popular places for area rugs in Gilbert because of the comfort and warmth that they provide.

What Are the Benefits of Area Rugs?

In addition to increasing the visuals in any room, area rugs have some real practical benefits. For starters, rugs allow for some warmth and comfort underfoot, which is especially noticeable when they are placed on hardwoods, stone or tile. Secondly, area rugs help to define rooms. With so many Gilbert homes shifting toward open floorplans, we have noticed an increase in the popularity of area rugs as a way of breaking up the large spaces. Finally, like carpet, rugs help to absorb sound, giving your home a quieter feel compared to hardwood, stone or tile.

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How Should I Choose An Area Rug?

Here at Floor Coverings International Chandler-Gilbert, we recommend using the same thinking for area rugs as you would for any other type of flooring. It’s important to consider the aesthetic you are trying to achieve in the room as well as the purpose of the room. Just like with carpets, there is a seemingly endless variety of colors, patterns, shapes, sizes, textures and materials that you can choose from, so finding the perfect intersection between beauty and practicality is very doable. As always, reach out to our experts with any question.

What Else Should I Know?

Perhaps the greatest benefit of area rugs is that it is never too late to get one installed. Whether you just upgraded the floors of your Gilbert home or you are due for an upgrade, installing an area rug is a relatively immediate way to elevate any room.

Take Your Next Step Toward An Area Rug

No matter where they are installed or what vibe they help you achieve, area rugs are a fantastic way to improve your Gilbert home. Whether you are ready to make that upgrade now or you would like more information, be sure to contact our experts at Floor Coverings International Chandler-Gilbert for a free in-home consultation.

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