At Floor Coverings International Chandler-Gilbert we love our carpet history! Originally, Berber carpet was known for its light color with flecks of darker tones throughout the fibers. More recently, the term ‘Berber’ came to mean a carpet with looped fibers. As this newer reference became popular, Berber carpets began to hit the market in a great diversity of colors. Here in the 21st century, there are many colorful Berber options for your Ahwatukee home. Today we cover some info on Berber’s famous loop-pile style.

chandler-gilbert berber carpet

Tried and True

Berber is a popular option for homeowners concerned about spills, soils, and any staining that might occur. Plenty of Berber carpets come with the traditional color fleck that they were originally known for. If you don’t reach a stain in time, the color flecks can do a surprisingly good job of hiding any liquid that makes its way into Berber’s dense pile structure. Berber carpet also tends to keep debris out of the fibers, making vacuuming an easier process.

The Pet Threat

Looped fibers make an enticing landscape for cats, who love nothing more than to knead the looped fibers of a Berber carpet. When their needle-like claws hook beneath those tiny loops, a cat might damage the carpet by pulling the fibers out from the underlay. Loose threads can lead to a long-term unraveling of your carpet, so be wary of this when having Berber carpet installed in your home.

More Bang for Your Buck

During the manufacturing process, other styles of carpet are looped like Berber, only to be cut at the top of the loop. This additional procedure makes for a longer and more expensive process. Since Berber is desired for its loop pile, the cutting can be skipped! Saving manufacturers time and money means that the savings are passed onto the buyer. In general, you can expect to pay less for Berber-style carpets than you would for other styles.

chandler-gilbert berber carpet

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