hardwood floor temperature damage Hardwood is a remarkable flooring material in a number of ways, but it is particularly interesting that this classic floor comes from raw, living nature! The downside to this is hardwood’s susceptibility to temperature changes.

With the onset of cold or heat, hardwood can swell or shrink, causing lasting damage to your beautiful floors. Floor Coverings International Chandler-Gilbert has some tips that can be used to forestall such damage and keep your flooring smooth, no matter the temperature in Gilbert homes.

Managing Heat

Let’s delve a little into the science of the matter. Hardwood is “hygroscopic,” meaning that it can absorb and retain water from the surrounding area. Ideally, hardwood should remain in an environment where the humidity level is 33-55 percent. In the summer, this may not be so easy. As the heat rises, increased moisture levels will mean your hardwood is at risk of over-absorbing water content, causing it to swell and ultimately suffer permanent damage.

Gaps already present between hardwood planks can be closed up with this swelling, and indeed a certain amount of swelling is normal for healthy hardwood. But in excess, the swelling can ultimately warp your planks and set the symmetry of your flooring askew.

A solid solution to this issue is either an air conditioner or a dehumidifier during high-moisture periods. One of these devices, or both, can keep your hardwood floors intact and smooth for many years.

hardwood floor temperature damage

Combating the Cold

With the cold that is common in air-conditioned homes, the air may dry up, causing hardwood floors to experience the reverse effect: planks will shrink down! This can lead to ugly gaps between planks when the conditions are extreme. Worse yet, if the gaps are wide enough, there is a risk of tripping and falling.

Humidifiers are probably your best bet for the dry winter scenarios. A humidifier will keep moisture levels in the right range, maintaining your hardwood floor’s integrity. This way you can keep your home air-conditioned and at a comfortable level of humidity.

Your Local Flooring Professionals

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