Carpet in GilbertThere is nothing that compares to carpeting when it comes to the overall feeling of warmth and comfort it brings to your Gilbert home. Not to mention the fact that it feels like heaven to sink your toes into luxuriously soft carpeting at the end of the long hard day. However, choosing the right carpet for your home isn’t always easy. The options for design, materials, and colors are endless. Thankfully, the following tips from our Floor Coverings International Chandler-Gilbert experts should help you narrow down your options and hit on just the right look for your needs:

Tips on Choosing the Right Carpet For Your Home

Consider The Area: You need to consider the amount of traffic your carpet will endure before choosing the material or pile you want. Carpet in your bedroom will get much less daily traffic than your main living space, for example. Choose a loop pile style for heavy traffic areas for its durability.  Cut pile is a good overall, can-go-anywhere carpet.

Be Realistic: If you have small children, there are going to be spills, mud, and mayhem. To assume otherwise isn’t being practical. Therefore, you need to make sure any carpet you choose for your home is easy to clean. Olefin is a naturally stain resistant material. You should be able to get most household food stains out of this material. Nylon carpeting is treated to make it more stain resistant. You can opt for additional treatment as well, which is a good idea if you have little ones.

Be Aware of Your Options: In general, carpet comes in two main styles: loop pile and cut pile. Within these broad groups are subgroups that include Berber, frieze, and plush. Berber is best known for its durability. It can also be an economical choice, but a common complaint about Berber is its rough texture. Frieze is a great option on both a comfort and durability standpoint. However, it can be a bit more expensive.

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