Farmhouse inspired flooring in GilbertFarmhouse interiors are all the rage these days, and many Gilbert homeowners are looking to achieve a farmhouse-inspired design in their space. When it comes to choosing a floor to pull off your farmhouse look, we recommend opting for a hardwood or wood-look product. Rustic wood planks are the flooring of choice in most farmhouses, and they’ll help give an authentic look to your design.

Here are several farmhouse-inspired flooring recommendations from Floor Coverings International Chandler-Gilbert:

Wood-Look Tile

Ceramic wood-look tile offers all the convenience of tile flooring but looks like real wood planks. An inkjet process is used to print realistic wood grain onto the ceramic pieces, but once installed, they’re more durable than real wood, and they’re easier to clean. For a true farmhouse design, choose a dark-hued tile with rustic textures and patterns, and use a matching grout.

Luxury Vinyl Planks

Luxury vinyl is a second option for homeowners who want the warmth and appearance of hardwood floors on a lower budget. Luxury vinyl can be made to mimic a variety of other flooring materials, including hardwood, yet it costs less to install and is ridiculously easy to maintain. Many of today’s luxury vinyl products are textured to look and feel like real wood, so be sure to choose a floor that has some rustic texture!


Laminate flooring is usually sold in planks. A heat and pressure process is used to fuse composite materials together into a durable plank and a photographic image is added on top. Laminate floors cost less than hardwood floors and they require minimal maintenance. Some laminate floors look more realistic than others, so go for a high-quality laminate floor that looks and feels like real wood!

Genuine Hardwood

Many traditional farmhouse kitchens feature genuine hardwood floors. Hardwood is an investment that’s a bit pricier than many other options, but it’s also the one that will raise your home’s resale value significantly. Real hardwood can be refinished many times and even re-stained to update the look of your floor. For a truly authentic design, consider reclaimed hardwood flooring (which may have actually been salvaged from a real-life farmhouse!).

To learn more about these and other flooring options for your Gilbert home, simply give us a call! Floor Coverings International Chandler-Gilbert offers free estimates and consultations.

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