We Install Commercial Turf Applications in Chandler-Gilbert

Shawgrass can turn an outdoor space into an area that looks realistic and is functional. Our synthetic commercial turf will create an inviting atmosphere year-round and can also help save on annual maintenance costs. Synthetic turf from Shawgrass is densely constructed to provide an outdoor area with unmatched realism. Our turf systems can help save money on annual maintenance costs. Being almost maintenance-free allows you to focus on your real business priorities and not on landscaping. Let Shawgrass help enhance your brand.

Benefits of artificial turf

Shawgrass is perfect for municipalities, playgrounds, senior living areas, hospitality rooftops, and more. The possibilities are endless and just make sense when it comes to sustainable solutions.

  • Looks: Our artificial turf looks perfect and beautiful year round. Enjoy our turf, no matter the season. Classic, or extravagant, we can help turn any outdoor area into exactly what you want.
  • Branding: Standard product solutions strengthen business brand and consistency. It is important to be consistent with your brand in all areas. Let Shawgrass push you to the next level and create consistency all across your commercial landscape area.
  • Comfort: Shawgrass provides a safe and comfortable outdoor space for guests, customers, and employees. Whether it’s an area for your employees to enjoy on their lunch break or a courtyard for your guests, Shawgrass will create an environment unlike any other.
  • Innovative: Shawgrass offers innovations such as Turf Chiller which keeps your surface cooler.
  • Durable: Designed by the same team that develops Shaw Sports Turf systems, Shawgrass is designed and tested to withstand all types of wear.

We are here to help!

Let us install your commercial turf in Chandler-Gilbert. Our team has experience installing it in many different commercial turf applications. When you are ready to get the process going contact us to schedule an appointment!