Tile floors are a tremendous upgrade to any home, but with so many options available, picking out the perfect one for your Ahwatukee home can be a challenge. Here at Floor Coverings International® of Gilbert, we take great pride in making that decision as easy as possible for you.

Here is our quick guide to finding the perfect tile floor!

Ceramic & Porcelain Tile

Tile flooring Ahwatukee

Advantage: Versatility. Ceramic and porcelain titles come in seemingly endless options of size, color and glaze, making it just about a guarantee that you can find the perfect fit for whatever aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

Consider: Durability. These tiles can sometimes be more susceptible to damage (breaks, chips, etc.) than other tiles, but often that is a result of improper installation. To ensure the best possible service, trust our experts at Floor Coverings International® of Gilbert.

Slate Tile

slate tile foor Ahwatukee

Advantage: Durability. As beautiful as slate tile is, its biggest advantage is likely its durability. One of the hardest floors on the market, slate is incredibly resistant to scratches, chips, cracks and dents. That makes it the perfect choice for active homes with children and pets.

Consider: Price and value. Because slate tile is mined and not manufactured, it is a bit more expensive than other flooring options. But for the same reason (and many others), it is a sure-fire way to immediately increase the re-sale value of your home.

Granite Tile

Granite tile flooring

Advantage: Appearance. Granite’s beauty is in its individuality. Its look forms during the cooling process, and as a result no two slabs are the same. Granite comes in a wide variety of colors and designs, and so it is relatively easy to find the perfect fit for your home.

Consider: Maintenance. There is no reason why your granite tile won’t last you as long as you take care of it. It is important to get it sealed during installation as well as resealing it every two years to prevent stains and other damage.

Travertine Tile

travertine tile floor Ahwatukee

Advantage: Classic, old-world feel. If travertine brings to mind thoughts of ancient Roman buildings, there is a reason for that. It was popular then and it still is today!

Consider: Maintenance. Similar to granite, properly maintained travertine tile floors will last for decades. However, because it is porous, it is important to have it sealed or polished regularly to protect it from dirt and moisture.

Taking The Next Step Toward Tile Floors

Hopefully that helped you on your quest to find your perfect tile floor. Whether you are ready to upgrade the floors of your Ahwatukee home today or you simply seek more information, be sure to schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our experts!

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