You already know that installing tile floors in your Gilbert home will increase its beauty and value, but have you considered tile upgrades elsewhere? Tile backsplashes, mostly found in kitchens or bathrooms, are a relatively small way to make a big impact.

subway tile backsplash gilbertSubway Tile

Named after the iconic repetitive horizontal tiles in New York City subway stations, subway tile is a simple and elegant way to upgrade your above-the-countertop look in kitchens or baths. The classic subway tile look has a glossy finish, while more modern homes sometimes go with a matte finish. Perhaps the most popular look for subway tile backsplash is all white tiles with a darker grout coloring (grey or black), but there is no limiting what you can do in your Gilbert home.

glass tile backsplash in gilbertCheckered Tile

The best backsplashes serve as an accent toward the larger aesthetic of a room, and checkered tile is a great example of this. Another homage to years past, black and white checkered tile is best used when it enhances other areas of the room. For instance, checkered tile can work perfectly in a kitchen that has dark cabinets but light countertops. In this case, the black and white checkers help to blend the light and dark.

mosaic tile backsplash gilbertMosaic Tile

The repetitive squares and rectangles of subway and checkered tiles are beautiful, but they aren’t for everyone. If you would like something with more personality, it’s time to consider mosaic tile. Depending on the size of the project, your backsplash mosaic could be pieced together by dozens or even hundreds of smaller pieces of tile that collectively create a stunning visual. Mosaics can be more expensive than the other options because of the time and expertise it takes to do the job well, but few design options can elevate a room like a quality mosaic backsplash.

glass tile backsplash gilbertGlass Tile

If you are looking for a backsplash option that offers a modern twist for your Gilbert home, you may want to think about glass tile. Increasing in popularity over the years throughout the Gilbert area, glass tile is a tremendous way to introduce a splash of color into your kitchen without overpowering it. Taking advantage of the Arizona light, a glass backsplash can be all that’s necessary to take your kitchen to the next level.

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