Ahwatukee homeowners value high quality and healthy flooring material – especially when allergies or other sensitivities are a factor. You may have avoided carpet in the past for these reasons, but our experts at Floor Coverings International® of Gilbert are here to share 3 natural carpet fibers that offer a durable and eco-friendly alternative to the classic carpet.

wool carpet Chandler GilbertWool

Wool is one of our most sustainable flooring options. Exactly like your favorite socks or sweater, wool carpet is made from harvested sheep fur! It’s renewable, requires little energy to manufacture, and has very few added chemicals. Plus, we can’t forget about the unquestionable softness and warmth that wool adds to cozy spaces like living rooms. Wool is an excellent investment for a completely hypoallergenic, durable flooring solution.

Sisalsisal carpet Chandler-Gilbert

In certain spaces, a textured carpet adds eye-catching style. Sisal fibers are made from agave plants and are extremely durable. The toughness of sisal creates a unique texture, and such durability is great for high-traffic areas in your home. Many Ahwatukee homeowners also love the aesthetic of a sisal area rug over hardwood or tile for a carpeted layer of protection.


Did you know there’s a carpet made from seagrass? Harvested from marshes in places like China and India, seagrass is crafted into a durable yarn and has an appropriate sea-green coloring. The yarn is then woven into a beautiful carpet material, creating another eco-friendly option. Homeowners also enjoy the added softness this natural carpet fiber has compared to some other, rougher choices.

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